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New World Leveling

New World Leveling

New World Power Leveling is a service that we offer, we can play the game for you and level up your hero in the game from 1-60 or any level you want. The maximum level ingame is 60.

For this service we require access to your account, our power leveller will play on your account until he reaches the desired level. No cheats or hacks will be used. To buy New World Leveling, select your level and desired level, add it to cart and pay. After the payment, we will contact you via email. You will get the contact information of the booster once he is assigned and this can take up to 24h.

When we do leveling we will do open world questing and grinding but sometimes we will do Expeditions. Expeditions are instanced dungeons of 5 players. Your first expedition opportunity will open at level 25 with the Amrine Expedition, with more waiting for you along your adventure.

You can tell us what kind of weapon we should use and what attributes to focus on when we do power levelling in the new world. The weapons you wield determine your attacks. As you use a type of weapon in combat, you'll choose new skills to learn or perks to change up your fighting style. Attributes are your character's core qualities: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, and Focus. They define your combat strengths and weaknesses, like how much health you have and whether you're better with melee, ranged, or magical weapons.