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The new amazon MMO game called New World is about to be released, our store offers various services for the game. We can help you with levelling your character, or we can deliver ingame gold or we can boost your PVP rank.

We might add new services for New World MMO once the game is released and new stuff needs to be finished like the professions. To make a purchase, click on the service that you need and fill in the options. Our support works from 10-01 german time and you can contact us via email or discord.

New World is an upcoming massive multiplayer online game set to be released on August 31. It is a sandbox game without specified classes, you can level up your character the way you want. The maximum level is 60 and you can play with up to 5 friends, the game is very skill-based because there is no auto-locking target like other games have.

The other fun aspect of New World is that you can own houses and properties, the main currency ingame is gold and is very important and can be used in the auction house. Items can be salvaged for resources that can be used for crafting and improving your profession.

When it comes to pvp, there are big 40vs40 maps or you can enable open world pvp and earn more experience when levelling, but you might get ganked so be careful. There are game modes similar to battlegrounds called war, invasion or outpost rush.

If you need any other help or support from our New World Shop feel free to contact us.

What are our Customers Saying:


Very fast and efficient! Amazing booster! Friendly, gets the job done well!


Marko the booster is really nice and funny to communicate with. His responds are very fast and it was a pleasure to get boosted by him :)


super quick, helpful, and nice guy. worked with me to do it when i was asleep so i could play during the day. Highly recommend!


very respectable booster got the job done fast and easy to communicate with.